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I can answer most questions related to project management.

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2016-08-03 Integrated Inkjet Printer and Plotter Product.:

A number of the large form factor plotters have ink jet heads.  I think you need to understand the method of delivering ink to a paper, laser, ink jet wax, etc is entirely different than the precision

2016-07-11 Inverted polygons having odd number of sides.:

It is very possible to draw any polygon either from a nominal or inverted view. The number of sides is not a constraint. However, the more complex the polygon the more difficult to manifest. The issue

2016-07-10 Driving licence card updates.:

Not all jurisdiction have vehicles owned by a driver. Also the commercial vehicles registration is to a company.  Many issues result in this. What if you are a private individual with 4 or more vehicles

2016-07-06 Four Wheeler Front Headlights Design.:

Overhead light are common place on police, and civil defense vehicles. They illuminate over obstacles which may be present at lower levels and counter act the shadow effect of forward facing lights.  This

2016-07-04 SMS Encryption.:

Any message can be encrypted or tokenized. Encrypting cause the number of character required to pass the message to typically double while tokenization uses the same size.  Both require a set of shared

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