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2014-07-13 Unknown plant in all my potted plants:

Hi Rachael,    That is Mother of Thousands (bryophyllum sp.).  If you find a way to NOT save it, let me know, lol!  Still, it is a nice succulent that makes pretty red flowers.  I don't find that it interferes

2014-07-06 Invasive Vine ID:

Hi Bill,    That is Pepper Vine (ampelopsis arborea).  I know what you mean about roundup not slowing it down much - I'm fighting it at my house, too.  It has long underground runners, and killing the

2014-06-15 Mystery plant?:

Hi Doug,    That's an easy one.  Without a doubt, that is a Pokeweed, or Poke Salad, as it is called in the southern US.  It's Latin name is Phytolacca Americana.  It is edible when young, but becomes

2014-06-09 Not sure what these 2 are!:

Hi Tiffani,    The first is Haworthia, and the second is a sedum called "Burro's tail".  Since they are doing so well, I would just transplant the pups rather than the mother plants.  You are right about

2014-06-01 Plant identification for 2 plants:

Hi Thomas,    The first is either wild strawberry (Fragaria) or Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea).  The first is delicious, the second is not.  Wild (Virginia) strawberry has white flowers. Indian strawberry

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