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i can answer most questions pertaining to general plant identification. if you e-mail digital pictures to me i can sight ID most plants sold at garden centers. i owned & operated a garden center/landscape company for 20+ years in NJ, selling all kinds of plants (deciduous, evergreen, annual, perennial, tropical, etc.).

Susan Tabor

I can identify most weeds, ornamentals,and wild plants by description or photo. If it is completely unknown to me, I can usually type info into a botanical search engine and find it. I am familiar with unusual plants from all over the world.

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2014-04-17 help:

Hi Maria,    In the picture, those look to me like dried seed heads.  I would look at the Chenopodium, and Rumex genus.  Many members have stemy seedheads that dry a rusty red. Five-hook Bassia, Russian

2014-04-06 Vine:

Hi Justin,    That looks like a Muscadine grape.  Wild muscadines are usually produced in clusters of 3 or 4, rather than the classic bunch, and the fruit is larger with a thicker skin.  They do have a

2014-03-28 Unknown bush:

Hi John,    That is a Surinam Cherry (eugenia uniflora).  The berries are edible, but they have a slightly bitter principal - less so in the species which produces black berries.  The seeds are resinous

2014-03-09 tree id:

Patty  Flowering plants (angiosperms) are classified by the structure of the flowers they produce...  Fruit and nut trees can best be ID'D by examining the fruit after flower production...   Plants that

2014-03-09 identification:

Hi Patty,    The picture is blurry, so I need more to go on.  Just from the shape of the branches and the color of the flower, I'd say it might be a crybaby tree (Erythrina), also called fireman's hat

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