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Jaya Shrivastava

I can answer questions related to North Indian Vegetarian cuisine. I can tell you about the medicinal value of spices and vegetables. I started cooking from the age of eight. Though I have a degree in biotechnology, cooking is my passion and I would love to answer your queries related to vegetarian cooking.

Swetha Ashok

Focus on questions relating to South Indian Vegetarian cuisine in particular. Assistance with party menu, table setting and tips on easy cooking. Organized and well planned cooking, cleaning up tips. Tips on selecting fresh vegetables.

Dina Street

I am a long-time fan of Indian cooking. I specialize in curries and presentation. I can help beginners with knowledge of spices, methods and menu planning.

Marc Gray

All questions, general or specific re: the cuisine of the Indian sub-continent

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2016-12-20 Indian:

   "Americanized" Indian Food has relatively little "merch" (ground hot red chilis);     and the seasonings are simplified by not using  Curry Leaves, Hing (asafetida), carom (Ajwain), mustard oil, etc

2016-12-19 Indian:

I like these two recipes the best:    [I assume that you are looking

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