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Edward Joseph Ramirez, MD, FACOG

I am a specialist in infertility and advanced gynecological care. I can answer questions about infertility, gynecology related ills, menopause...virtually anything that affects women's health. PLEASE tell me where you are writing from as I am always interested.

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2016-09-10 Immature Eggs:

Hello Again,    Usually the stimulation, if given in adequate dosage, is enough to overcome the Lupton suppression, but I think that your thinking may be right, and that your ovaries may have been suppressed

2016-08-31 Ovulation Induction: something we're doing wrong?:

Hello Again,    Certainly a good diet, exercise, being healthy and reduced stress can help but there is no documented benefit or advantage to use these as "medical treatment" or "medical recommendations

2016-08-31 Immature Eggs:

Hello Immature from the U.S. (California),    Egg maturity at the time of retrieval is based on two things: (1) the size of the follicle when triggered and (2) adequate HCG stimulation.  First, let me

2016-08-25 Ovulation Induction: something we're doing wrong?:

Hello Mish from the UK.    This is a question that you should be discussing with your fertility doctor rather than on the internet.   If your doctor is not open to such questions, then you should find

2016-08-16 infertity:

Hello Rose from Norway,    Myomectomy can be done at any time if it is not within the uterine cavity.  If it is within the uterine cavity, called a submucosal myoma, then it cannot be done at the time

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