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Edward Joseph Ramirez, MD, FACOG

I am a specialist in infertility and advanced gynecological care. I can answer questions about infertility, gynecology related ills, menopause...virtually anything that affects women's health. PLEASE tell me where you are writing from as I am always interested.

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2016-10-12 No fetal pole:

Hello Again,    Yes, you shouldn't read too much into tests or the internet.  Nothing is for certain until it is.  All you can do at this time is wait and see because there is too much variability in life

2016-10-07 No fetal pole:

Hello Angela from Canada,    If your dates are correct, then a fetal pole should have been visible by 6 weeks.  However, since a 6 week pregnancy is still very early, I would not draw any conclusions yet

2016-10-05 Depo lupron:

Hello Chastity from the U.S.(Kentucky),    Yes, this can be a normal side effect of Lupron.  However, I presume your last shot was 3 months before April/May so that it has now been almost 5 months without

2016-10-05 Birth control/ Plan B pregnancy risk:

Hello Sarah from the U.S. (Indiana),    Because you took Plan B (birth control pills) in addition to your birth control pills, it is highly unlikely that you could become pregnant.  However, God does do

2016-10-02 Is my semen normal?:

Hello,    It's an incomplete analysis but the parameters given are normal.  You should be asking the doctor that ordered this the question.    Good Luck,    Dr. Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG  Executive

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