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Probate estate and trust questions regarding California and Arizona estates.

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2017-01-04 title transfer:

Keep in mind the will can be changed at any time while your dad is alive and your siblings may encourage that.   This is a bit out of my area but let me suggest you contact your county elder abuse people

2017-01-03 title transfer:

Yes - exactly what I was looking for.  Your parents held the property as "tenancy by the entireties" which is a concept I can't tell you much about except that it's just for married people.    What you

2017-01-03 title transfer:

First thing get a copy of his deed and see how title reads as to him and your mom. Joint tenants maybe?  Send me a follow up question with that info and we can go from there.

2016-07-21 Help?:

Excellent.  Just keep stalling until escrow closes. In fact i,d suggest you have the $15k in bills paid by escrow. As for the home, only if there's a good reason to do so, all you can do is resign as the

2015-12-02 home ownership inheritance:

How does the deed to your mother and this relative read as to their names and whether they're joint tenants,tenants in common etc? I invite you to send me a follow up question with this. The deed is public

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