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Can tackle queries pertaining to relationship with in-laws especially in cases of love marriages, where both partners belong to different cultures or backgrounds or social strata or castes or countries.

Dr. David Simonsen

I can answer you questions clearly and straight. Let me help you get your in-law relationships figured out. They can really be challenging

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2015-02-28 In-law help!:

Hey Jared,    Your concern is totally justified and logical. It doesn't seem to be a single incident. Her mother could be doing it pretty often. Start observing her from now on, be on the look out. There

2014-12-10 moving back to india:

Hi,    Sorry for the delay in replying to you. No, the idea of a maid will surely backfire and irritate them more. If they know the facts and details of your return, next time the first sentence you say

2014-12-08 moving back to india:

Hello V,    Since both of you do not want to move back just yet, next phone call ask your husband to tell his parents/sisters that you will return back to India in Dec 2015. Specify that he is in the middle

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