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Alexander Hodgkiss

I can answer questions related to Interactive Fiction for games, video games, interactive media, and television. This includes design, programming, usability, and other Digital Media-related components. I've worked of several video games and interactive media projects designed to teach and tell stories via interactivity and play, and am familiar with several programming languages, toolsets, game mechanics, interactive performance, and psychology.


I can answer all sorts of questions about MUDding, MUD programming, MUD developement, and more. I administrate two of my own MUDs, and play on several others, so I have lots of knowledge in this area. I know about object, mob, room, and zone coding, and I also know all mud aspects, game play strategies, and newbie help. Want a good new MUD to build on? I can help you there too.

Richard Rost

I love Interactive Fiction. I am happy to answer any questions you might have on storylines, plot design, character development, etc.

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