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Questions regarding animal conflicts within realistic or unrealistic settings are welcome; my strength lies in medium-to-large species. Small animals (including birds of prey), prehistoric animals, sea creatures, and domestic dog breeds are usually within my scope, but to a lesser degree. I can't confidently answer hypothetical questions about human vs animal, arachnids, insects, or amphibians, but I am willing to field them nonetheless.

Jim Wilson

I can answer most questions relating to real or hypothetical situations. I have a better understanding of animal behavior and specifically predatory behavior and interspecies predatory relationships. Mammals is my field of expertise but I can do my best in answering questions regarding other animals. Small mammals are my favourite matchups. One or two prehistoric match-ups is OK, but please do not focus on them as they are outside my expertise.

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2014-10-18 cat vs dog:

Hello Chris.      Bengal tiger (250kg) vs 10 American Pit Bull Terriers: The Bengal tiger will weigh over 8 times as much as an American Pit Bull Terrier, and will be about twice as tall at the shoulder

2014-10-15 Conflicts:

Hello Trish.      Wolverine vs Chacma Baboon: A chacma baboon can weigh anywhere from 50% more to double the wolverine's weight.  Wolverines are bold & aggressive, and have been known to drive more formidable

2014-10-12 Swordsman vs Animals:

Hello Amar.      1. Swordsman vs Clouded Leopard: Clouded leopards can weigh up to 23kg.  They are extremely agile felids with sharp claws and strong bites.  The upper canines of a clouded leopard can

2014-10-11 strongest animals:

Hello David.      1) 15t Eotriceratops vs 2x 7t Acrocanthosaurus: Eotriceratops was a well-armed dinosaur with long brow horns and a neck frill that likely provided decent protection for the anterior portion

2014-10-08 Gorilla vs Yak:

Hello Trish.  Good to hear from you.      Gorilla vs Yak: The top weight for a gorilla is about 460lb.  A large wild yak can weigh over 4 1/2 times as much, and will be over twice as tall at the shoulder

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