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Questions regarding animal conflicts within realistic or unrealistic settings are welcome; my strength lies in medium-to-large species. Small animals (including birds of prey), prehistoric animals, sea creatures, and domestic dog breeds are usually within my scope, but to a lesser degree. I can't confidently answer hypothetical questions about human vs animal, arachnids, insects, or amphibians, but I am willing to field them nonetheless.

Jim Wilson

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I can answer most questions relating to real or hypothetical situations. I have a better understanding of animal behavior and specifically predatory behavior and interspecies predatory relationships. Mammals is my field of expertise but I can do my best in answering questions regarding other animals. Small mammals are my favourite matchups. One or two prehistoric match-ups is OK, but please do not focus on them as they are outside my expertise.

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2014-08-17 giant panda:

Hi David    I think I'd go for the Rottweilers here. An adult panda is no joke, it's a quite formidable animal really. But it is not a killer. If these Rottweilers weren't serious about this fight the

2014-08-17 Fights and more fights:

Hey mate,    1: Almost impossible to say but I would imagine the ratel would have the more damaging weapons, with jaws and teeth shaped by nature and survival and dangerous claws. That should be the difference

2014-08-13 Hypothetical chimp vs rhino:

Hello Trish.  Doing OK here; glad things are going great for you!      chimpanzee vs black rhinoceros (at same sizes): There's a lot to consider with a scaled-up fight.  The main factor to consider is

2014-08-11 None:

No offence taken Jem, I will actually edit my profile right now!    Well I certainly didn't say the cougar would "easily dispatch" the hyena. In fact I specifically said the hyena will hang around and

2014-08-10 varied:

I'm good Christian, how are you?    Bears vs Pythons - I'll just pool all these together. Basically on land, if the bear can kill the python in a relatively short amount of time it wins. If it struggles

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