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Questions regarding animal conflicts within realistic or unrealistic settings are welcome; my strength lies in medium-to-large species. Small animals (including birds of prey), prehistoric animals, sea creatures, and domestic dog breeds are usually within my scope, but to a lesser degree. I can't confidently answer hypothetical questions about human vs animal, arachnids, insects, or amphibians, but I am willing to field them nonetheless.

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2015-09-26 spinosaurus:

Hello David.      1) 500kg nile crocodile vs 800kg kodiak bear (in 2m deep water): Nile crocodiles are much more effective combatants in water than they are on land.  On land, stamina and mobility can

2015-09-25 Rufos:

Hello Gian.      Q: How do you think they'll (white, gray, brown, and blue Rufos) adapt to their habitats and what natural predators do you think they'll have?    A: Stated below.      White Rufos in the

2015-09-19 Pariti 2:

Hello again David.      1) brock lesnar vs daedon (pariti): To recap, Brock Lesnar is an impressive athlete (professional wrestler) and a very skilled combatant (mixed martial arts experience) for a human

2015-09-18 Pariti:

Hello David.      Q: I'm interested only measure of pain. No health effects. Only what is more or less painful. Bite into a human leg. When a man bites Bull Ants or 160 kg female brown bear ?? What causes

2015-09-12 Superhuman:

Hello Lawrence.      Carabao vs Moose: The moose will weigh approximately 45% more than the carabao.  Carabaos are buffalo with thick curved horns.  A moose is the largest member of the deer family, sometimes

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