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Questions regarding animal conflicts within realistic or unrealistic settings are welcome; my strength lies in medium-to-large species. Small animals (including birds of prey), prehistoric animals, sea creatures, and domestic dog breeds are usually within my scope, but to a lesser degree. I can't confidently answer hypothetical questions about human vs animal, arachnids, insects, or amphibians, but I am willing to field them nonetheless.

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2016-04-30 Elder scrools beast 2:

Hello again Roby.      I viewed some more online action sequences from The Elder Scrolls to get an idea of what Guar, Alit, and Kagouti might be capable of doing.  I'm not an active "gamer", so I'm not

2016-04-29 Elder scrools beast!:

Hello Roby.      I had not heard of The Elder Scrolls before now, so I read a little bit about it to become a little more familiar with the game.  I watched a few fight scenes online with Daedroth, and

2016-04-23 3 vs 1:

Hello Trish.      1. White Rhino vs 3 Cape Buffalo: The white rhino will weigh more than all 3 Cape buffaloes combined.  The white rhino possesses perhaps the greatest weapon among land animals (the longer

2016-04-17 Tiger & humans:

Hello Anthony.      Humans & Siberian tigers: The humans will be near the top of the hierarchy as long as they have a safe area (like a cave or protected structure) to retreat to.  With the assistance

2016-04-16 Conflicts:

Hello again Trish.      Black Bear vs 2 Cougars: An American black bear can weigh over 2 1/2 times more than a large cougar.  In general, black bears aren't as formidable or aggressive as brown bears,

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