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Penny Ballou

The Invention Process; Royalties; Licensing Inventions/Products; Pricing; Direct to Market; Marketing/Promotions; Patent Searching; DIY patent writing; Types of patents/costs/how to's; Funding (grants and Angel investors); Prototyping; Off-Shore sourcing.

Marty McCrea

Commercialization of an idea is truly an art form and I'm really good at letting people borrow my paintbrush. Although, it's important to note that you are your own artist, I can't paint what you see in your mind, only you can do that. But I can help. I can answer questions about honing your idea and helping it to become more real in your mind, your research, and within your speaking. I can answer questions about market research, validation, and where to go to make your first contact. My expertise is in answering the large questions that you have into more manageable pieces. I can also assist you in finding the source of the data that you can use to prove and pitch your idea if that's the path that you're on.

Barry Farris

How to protect your idea and save money. Who to trust and who not to deal with. Investors, lawyers and other folks who may or may not be your friend. How to figure out if your idea makes economic sense before you waste your time and money. Deal points with a license deal. Answer for should you build a company around your idea or license it out. How to get competitive information.

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2017-01-25 Touch Screen Landline Phones.:

Prashant,    You obviously have access to the internet, so I have to assume you also have access to Google.  Please google "touchscreen landline telephone and see what comes up.

2017-01-05 molds ready:

Hey Jerry,    That's wonderful news, congratulations!  I would suggest at least getting a provisional patent and the trademark(s) secured first.  That way; when you speak to the manufacturer, you can inform

2017-01-05 molds ready:

Jerry,  The first thing you need to do is get a good non-compete agreement. You can get them for free on line but just read the expensive ones in the library or book store to choose the best free one.

2017-01-05 molds ready:

Morning Jerry,     YOU ASKED:  I've developed the molds for my product. I'm not sure which direction to go next.Do I contact a manufacturer and have them make my prototype, or get the patent and trademarks

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