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Jim Schaefer

Any question regarding sprinking systems,installation,repair, and trouble shooting.

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2016-09-23 Hardie TC-12B:

Hey Chris, make sure that you only have one start time at 7 am set on the first start time. Check the second, third, fourth etc. start times and make sure they are set to "off". If you have a second, third

2016-09-17 Toro DDC-8 outdoor controller:

Hey Matthew, all I know about this controller, is that it is a battery operated controller, and the solenoids are different from a normal solenoid, in that the solenoid uses a latching solenoid so it will

2016-08-26 Hardy RJC 66:

Hey Bob, the only thing I can suggest, is to take the back up battery out if it has one, and turn the power off for about a minute, then with the battery still out, turn the power back on.  If this does

2016-08-13 Hunter Pro C Error Code:

Hey Tillman, I also have never heard of 0 Err code. It could be a power surge, but if the system is working manually, then I do not believe you have a problem with the valve solenoids or wiring. There

2016-08-13 Toro-TMC-212 Malfuctioning:

Hey Michael, sorry to say, but it is time to replace the controller. I would suggest installing a Irri-trol "Rain Dial" controller. This controller is easy to program, and it will last a long time. Also

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