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Larry Wurn

I can answer questions related to how to cure infertility, chronic pain, and bowel obstruction in a holistic fashion without using surgery but using physical therapy.

Heather Van Vorous

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returns 04/20/2014
I can address questions regarding diet, cooking, recipes, and non-pharmaceutical supplements (soluble fiber, herbal, probiotics, etc.) for IBS. I can supply information sources about diagnostic guidelines, symptoms, and the medical pathology of IBS, but I cannot give a diagnosis or analyze test results a patient has obtained. I would prefer not to answer questions about prescription drugs and diagnostic tests. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOUR SYMPTOMS AND THEN ASK ME TO DIAGNOSE YOU!

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2014-04-15 Foods to follow:

Hi Kim - yes, it's perfectly safe to follow the FODMAPS charts, just be sure you aren't eliminating all foods with FODMAPS forever. You need to follow the elimination diet in stages, to find specific FODMAPS

2014-04-10 Foods to follow:

Hi Kim - I'm so sorry for all that you're going through. I hope you're feeling better soon.    I wouldn't assume you have IBS - you'd need some tests, other disorders have to be ruled out, your symptoms

2014-04-05 A bloating intestinal areas?:

Hi Sunny - I can point you to good resources for IBS bloating and intestinal gas - that would be here    For IBS dietary information, please start here http://www

2014-03-25 Ibs and driving:

Hi Gaby - there is good info on IBS bloating here    It's not specific to driving, but following those tips in advance of car trips

2014-03-18 IBS and songs?:

Hi Ross - I haven't heard of anything specifically like this before, but I've heard some similar things. It is not surprising. IBS by definition is a brain-gut disorder, and it's known to have anxiety/stress

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