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Heather Van Vorous

I can address questions regarding diet, cooking, recipes, and non-pharmaceutical supplements (soluble fiber, herbal, probiotics, etc.) for IBS. I can supply information sources about diagnostic guidelines, symptoms, and the medical pathology of IBS, but I cannot give a diagnosis or analyze test results a patient has obtained. I would prefer not to answer questions about prescription drugs and diagnostic tests. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOUR SYMPTOMS AND THEN ASK ME TO DIAGNOSE YOU!

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2016-11-14 Carbonation:

Hi Bud - I am not sure if there's an explanation behind this that relates to IBS. Carbonation is definitely a big IBS trigger, particularly for bloating and gas.    Some current research shows that people

2016-10-08 IBS:

Hi Diane- I'm so sorry, I cannot diagnose you. I can say this does not sound like IBS. The age of onset, the fact that there was no triggering incident (food poisoning, bacterial infection, abdominal surgery

2016-09-26 Bowel movement causing rectal bleeding:

Hi Isabelle - anal fissures don't lead to cancer. I'm going to send you to a resource page for constipation that will help you resolve the problem leading to the fissures. Check here http://www.helpforibs

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