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Heather Van Vorous

I can address questions regarding diet, cooking, recipes, and non-pharmaceutical supplements (soluble fiber, herbal, probiotics, etc.) for IBS. I can supply information sources about diagnostic guidelines, symptoms, and the medical pathology of IBS, but I cannot give a diagnosis or analyze test results a patient has obtained. I would prefer not to answer questions about prescription drugs and diagnostic tests. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOUR SYMPTOMS AND THEN ASK ME TO DIAGNOSE YOU!

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2014-07-08 Coffee and other stimulants:

Hi Anne - with coffee it is both the caffeine and some inherent aspects to coffee beans, which means decaf is still a big trigger. There's actually an IBS quick tip specifically about this here:    http://www

2014-07-03 poop problems:

Hi - please see a gastroenterologist. There are many possible explanations for chronic diarrhea and you can't be diagnosed without, at a minimum, some basic lab tests. It's also important for the GI doc

2014-06-04 Constipation:

Hi Kari - I'm actually not sure about this. Magnesium can be a dangerous supplement - too much can affect your heart. I'd ask your pharmacist and GI both for recommendations about using magnesium - both

2014-06-01 red meat intolerance/allergy?:

Hi Bud - yes, it's possible to be allergic to just about anything, and certainly to any food. Sneezing, hives, rashes, etc. as well as GI upsets can all come from food allergies. Food allergies typically

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