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Dr Ismaiel Mansoor

I can answer you questions about Islamic sects, Islam Interpretation, thoughts and mythologies from time to time inserted and made on the name of Islam and monopolies based under label Islam and Judicature and Islamic state and Application of Islam in current life and Message of Islam to Mankind and Educated and Intellect person and Purpose of your life according to Islam


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returns 12/31/2016
I will answer questions pertaining to Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith and will try to give convincing answers to the best of my knowledge. I will also try to remove misconceptions about my religion that people may have in their minds. I will try to help the people to the best of my abilities. Pose your questions to me and give me a try.

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2016-11-06 Salah:

Salah is Fard 5 times, on every Adult Muslim (Male & Female)   A Adult has to count, Fast 29/30 Days, Zakaat Amount of money, He/she has to pay, salah per day 5/year, How many years (In offering Qadaae

2016-09-01 Who:

ok, don't make your opinion about one sect or group  due to each group is following only research done in previous time period before 100-200 years and due to no research or institute or Finance in Islamic

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