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Menachem Brody

Helping Jews connect to their roots in Israel. Biblical and Talmudic sites, archeological excavations, new settlements, Ecology, Organic Agriculture, photography, understanding modern political questions, etc.

Ziv L

I can answer questions regarding several issues that concern traveling in Israel. I may have more to contribute regarding places to travel to in Israel, and good bars in Tel Aviv.

Ian Cohen

General tourism info.

Leon Gork

I can answer questions on Jewish history and religion, especially the relationship between Judaism and other religions and questions about every aspect of Israel

Jay Weiss

I can answer all sorts of questions with regard to travel to Israel. I'm quite familiar with the country, and with Jewish culture and religion.

Corey Shuster

Lived in Israel for 10 years but have been away for the past three. I can still provide advice on where, when and what to see. I have limited knowledge of hotels/BBs/hostels and restaurants but I know some really interesting, out-of-the-way places for any length of stay and have a good understanding of the different cultures.

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2016-10-23 Travel to Israel:

You definitely need one or the other.  Here's the difference:    An adapter is just a piece of plastic that changes the shape of the plug on your device so that it fits into an Israeli jack.  Their plug

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