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Questions on "Jack" Russell Terriers pertaining to their health, well being, general questions on breed, types, size, shape, health, personalities, behavior problems, genetics, so called standard, what to look for when purchasing, and if you would be a good match with this wonderful and unique dog. Too many times, people buy jack puppies because they are absolutely adorable, and then a few months down the road they own this dog that they know nothing about and haven't prepared or trained for. I love the breed and everything about them and hope to provide some help, education and advice to current and prospective owners. I am a veterinary technician, dog trainer and breeder of Jack Russells.

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2016-12-28 Jack Russell Nose Color Change:

According to Reference, your dog's nose may be changing from black to pink due to changes in the weather,     Certain dogs are prone to "snow nose" or "winter nose," where their noses lose pigmentation

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