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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Jaguar from the XK 120 to XJ-6 ser. 3 1987

Sammie H. Parker

I own two Jaguar XJ6's and I do all of my own repairs. I know these car pretty well. I have own them for about 10 years. I have replaced many defective parts and have had many intermitting problems which I had to trouble shoot. I can help with most common problem with the XJ6.

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2016-11-10 77 xj6:

Hi David,    There are two oil pressure units. One is the sender for the oil pressure gauge(large one) and the other is  the idiot light switch ( small one )    The only interrupt for the starter is in

2016-10-30 1977 xj6L:

Hi David,     I don't remember that switch to tell you if it is a vacuum switch or a thermal switch. You can tell by checking if there is vacuum on that broken port with the other hose off too. I believe

2016-10-21 door seal 77 xj6:

Hi David,    I don't remember ever replacing a door seal on the older Jag sedans. But I believe it just fits into a metal grove with the lips of the grove turned inward a little to grip the seal. If you

2016-10-15 1977 xj6:

Hi David,    Yes, that is possible, we noted it in the dealership as wind noise. The rubber compresses and don't seal. We use to put a strip of paper in the door and close it on the paper strip and we

2016-10-09 differential oil:

Hi David,    Your XJ-6 did not come with a limited slip differential but the problem is that back then a buyer could order one as an option. Most didn't because the XJ-6 was not the kind of car to be used

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