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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Jaguar from the XK 120 to XJ-6 ser. 3 1987

Sammie H. Parker

I own two Jaguar XJ6's and I do all of my own repairs. I know these car pretty well. I have own them for about 10 years. I have replaced many defective parts and have had many intermitting problems which I had to trouble shoot. I can help with most common problem with the XJ6.

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2016-10-15 1977 xj6:

Hi David,    Yes, that is possible, we noted it in the dealership as wind noise. The rubber compresses and don't seal. We use to put a strip of paper in the door and close it on the paper strip and we

2016-10-09 differential oil:

Hi David,    Your XJ-6 did not come with a limited slip differential but the problem is that back then a buyer could order one as an option. Most didn't because the XJ-6 was not the kind of car to be used

2016-10-07 Jaguar XJS temperature gauge:

Hi charlie,    You are checking the wrong temp sensor. The one you are fooling with is the ECU temp sensor which has two wire connector. The gauge temp sensor is a one wire sensor and the wire is Green

2016-10-05 previous question:

Moss calls them "Half moon cam cover seals" It is difficult to get the cam covers not to leak as the chrome acorn nuts can't be tightened very tight without damaging the cam covers.    I usually use silicone

2016-10-04 valve clearance 1977 xj6:

Hi David,    What were the compression readings on all cylinders? Normally only .015" clearance does not indicate a bent valve. You need to run a second compression test (throttle open) then put about

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