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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Jaguar from the XK 120 to XJ-6 ser. 3 1987

Sammie H. Parker

I own two Jaguar XJ6's and I do all of my own repairs. I know these car pretty well. I have own them for about 10 years. I have replaced many defective parts and have had many intermitting problems which I had to trouble shoot. I can help with most common problem with the XJ6.

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Hi Richard,    On a Lucas motor, the wires from the motor to the connection plug are (As the wiper motor sits in the car) Top horizontal  pin is Blue. Then down the right side the pins mounted vertically

2016-09-23 Door moisture barriers:

I never read much about them but I believe they were more to protect the door panel as they were fiber board. We found a lot of doors without the plastic sheets and even in the dealerships we never put

2016-09-20 1977 xj6:

Hi David,    Yes, luckily Jaguar realized what they did with the hood release and made an escape rout for a broken cable. Jack the car up and remove the right front wheel and with a light look up in the

2016-09-07 Engine Miss fires . '83 4.2.L XJ6:

Hi Paul,    The tach reads the ignition pulse so if you get a problem that is associated to the tach jump, there is a good chance that your problem is ignition related. A conformation can be had with just

2016-09-03 1977 xj6:

Hi David,     I have used the Jaguar kit to reseal the whole windshield but I am not sure what the black sealer was. But the small clips can be sealed in with Silicone. But if the clips are not bent in

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