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John Morales

Historical: I've spent years doing online research to learn about the 1000+ year history of the breed, which some say originated in China, but afterwards spent 700 more years as a special pet of the Japanese ruling classes. Personality related: I have 9 chins, and they are a family pack. Only 1 is unrelated. Watching dogs in a natural family pack living in my home has taught me far more than can be learned from just one dog, or several unrelated dogs. I've learned from watching them what their natural behaviors are Etc. Health Related: having raised so many chins to be my own, I've experienced pretty much all the common ailments a dog can have, from horrifying parvo to disgusting but harmless corona virus to helping my Vet perform caesarian sections due to birthing complications. One thing I am especially proud of is nursing my #1 Chin from a point where Vets thought she'd be better put down to a point of good health that I haven't seen since she was two. She'd been having pain and problems for years.

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