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Artemus Harper

I have a Masters in computer science. I can answer questions on core J2SE, swing and graphics. Please no questions about JSP or J2ME.

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2014-03-31 API:

API - Abstract programmer's interface    This is an interface along with documentation though which you can call methods, create classes and interact with code from another project.    The Java standard

2014-03-24 Namespaces in Java to resolve jar clashes:

Yes, you can use the URLClassLoader to load an additional set of classes from a set of jars, folder locations, or http addresses. From there you can use the loadClass method to get a class object, and

2014-02-20 Refreshing JTable:

The best way to do this is to implement your own TableModel instead of using the DefaultTableModel. To make this easier, your model can extend AbstractTableModel which will take care of many of the details

2014-02-04 Java TextField in a method:

In your actionPerformed method you create an addForm, that means that anything inside this is separate from other addForms, and the textField isn't set to anything.    All you need to do is make numerTextField

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