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I have a Masters in computer science. I can answer questions on core J2SE, swing and graphics. Please no questions about JSP or J2ME.

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2014-08-13 Calling a file selected in new button in Java:

You put the file variable outside of the method in the class as a field, in the same way you have _fileChooser as a field.    Just make sure you check the file for null in case the user clicks the hash

2014-08-08 Compare alternate lines in txt file in Java:

Let's say you want to determine if there are any potentially duplicate files if your hash text file.    Then you could do something like:    <code>    //This try will auto close the reader when your done

2014-08-04 Automatically copy a file in Java:

If you know the name of the file and the directory it is in, you can use listFiles() to get a list of all files, and isDirectory() to determine if it is a directory you want to traverse.    If it put a

2014-07-21 Passing and returning array elements:

In the case you have, yes. int is a primitive and cannot be modified. For this reason, you can replace it in the array with another primitive. With class instances, it is possible to simply modify the

2014-07-15 Programmatically enter input into cmd:

If the program is opening a second window, and doesn't have any commandline options to automatically continue, there isn't any good solutions.    You could use the Robot class to manually type in the 'y'

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