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Sambhav Karnawat

I have interest & expertise in Platinum Jewelry & Ruby, from Ruby roughs to polished Rubies to Ruby Jewelry. Anything about Rubies, I'd love to talk!

Rolfe Foxwell

I will answer any questions regarding semi-precious stones or precious stones. I will answer questions regarding mounting both semi-precious and precious stones. I can also answer most questions regarding small manufacturing. I can not answer questions regarding casting or fine jewelry.

Uwe Richard Kackstaetter, Ph.D. (Dr.K)

I can answer questions concerning minerals, mineralogy, gems, metals, and anything that has to do with geology. However, I am NOT a jeweler. Questions about values, settings, gem stone cuts and appraisals are best directed to other experts on this site. I can however aide in the identification of unknown mineral materials. As a public service and part as training for new geoscientists, our university department provides FREE mineral identification for individuals. Please contact me for details or go to for details..

Rod Keady

all info pertaining to australian opals and opal fields is ok. online valuations is difficult but not entirely impossible. Photographs of stones should clearly show weight in carats and scale in mm. naturally photographs of opals are the hardest thing to take as a slight shift in direction displays a new colour or plane

Melinda Nolan

(Please do not send questions about hallmarks or stamps on jewelry. I am not an expert in identifying marks. Thank you.) Feel free to post questions about the process of one of a kind jewelry manufacturing, gemstones, diamonds, the precious metals, industry trends, purchasing, quality, care and maintenance, appraisals, insurance, stone cutting, jewelry repair, etc. I am NOT equipped to answer questions about age or value of a piece without seeing it in person, and even then, I am not an expert in antiques. Nor am I an expert in stamps or marks that are inside the jewelry. There are hundreds of thousands of manufacturer's out there and then you factor in the number of years a piece of jewelry can circulate, it becomes an enormous amount of possibilities. I am really not the right person to ask about such markings.


Have a question about jewelry repair or working with precious metal jewelry and gemstones? For many years up to December 31, 2010, I was a working professional bench jeweler, involved everyday with setting stones in mountings, designing and making jewelry, repairing and limited custom manufacture. If you work with jewelry as a hobby or as a profession, I might be able to help. I deal with the retail business, not mass production. Ask privately if you wish. See the box for that: It keeps your question between us. Please DO NOT ask MAKER'S MARKS, but metal quality marks are fine to ask. Please DO NOT ask diamond prices. See a gemologist for that.

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2017-04-21 Hairline Cracks in Turquoise- Need they be repaired?:

Kate, I would try it.  If the cement will not penetrate due to the cracks bring "too fine", a wipe with alcohol will remove uncured cement from the surface.  It might help.      By the way, I got an email

2017-03-22 necklace:

Littly tricky to tell from the picture. Looks like a tumbled amethyst, which is the purple variety of quartz (SiO2). While regular quartz is usually white or clear, amethyst ows the purple color to atomically

2017-03-10 Stamp Markings:

Dear Robin,     I see the 18k clearly but the other characters do not help me identify any other characteristics of the pin.  Am I correct in that this is a cat pin and the pin stem folds from the lower

2017-03-01 Faded gem stone:

Hello, I used to wholesale Larimore which is a light bluestone comparable to turquoise... And often we would buy the unmounted cabs always picking up the most vibrant colors... And often weeks or months

2017-02-11 Quartz crystal and sphatik:

Mineralogically speaking, Quartz and Spatik (Short for Spartikam) are the same thing, silicon oxide or SiO2. Spartikam is the name for Quartz in prominent Indian languages and is a sacred stone in the

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