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Nick Rainey

I can answer questions about pain and training program. If there is a question about running that I don't know then I'll do some research and make sure I provide you with an answer.

Milton Miller

I can answer any questions about long distance running. I can also talk about preparation for events, logistics, adventure, trail running, and training for long distances.

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2017-03-30 Twisted knee:

Len,    Just sounds like a strain of the patella tendon or irritation of the patella femoral joint. These are worse with going down hills or steps. Ice it and rest it as needed. Straight leg raises https://www

2017-02-13 Asphalt or Concrete surface should it matter to Runners?:

Richard,    You're very correct. There is not enough difference to matter. However, we don't have hard data on this. The best we have is kinematic studies like this one.

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