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Ann Mullis

Big fan and know plenty of obscure facts!

Barry Goldsbury

Hi. I have been an Elton John fan for many years now. I have all of his albums and a few reference books, as well as a couple of concert videos and miscellaneous stuff as well. I would love to take your questions and answer them as best as I can. Write me.

Miquel Sala

I`m an Elton John fan since 1983 for "I guess that`s why they call it the blues", my favourite song. I can answer questions about song histories and lyrics, Elton John life, concerts and benefit shows, TV appearances, chart lists throughout the world, ... and whatever you need to know about, I can investigate for you

Austin Scott

I am a huge fan of Elton John`s, and take it upon myself to learn as much about him as I can. I know a lot of obscure facts as well as many people associated with Elton over the years. I love to share my knowledge with other Elton fans or just the curious. I`m a dedicated fan...I`ve gotten myself three autographs at concerts, one from as far back as 32 rows! If I don`t know your question, I`ll try to find it!

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