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Gary Crowley

I can show 95 percent people how to relieve or eliminate their own joint pain for basically every joint in their body. 95 percent of joint pain, even chronic joint pain, is due to the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints. I show people how to release that tight tissue that is causing their pain. Every joint and every person is unique, but the principles to free yourself from pain are the same in 95 percent of cases.

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2016-11-21 Migraine:

Hi Ali,    Well, bones only go where muscles pull or hold them.  Bones are chunks of calcium they cannot move on their own.  If he manipulated your C5/T1 and it didn't stay, it's because the tight tissue

2016-11-20 Migraine:

HI Alison,    Yes, a "trigger point" is just tight tissue that you can certainly work on.  My Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page,

2016-11-20 Migraine:

Hi Alison,    Yes, it's should be perfectly safe to do my techniques. And they are great for whiplash.  I'd go through my main Neck Pain Relief page,

2016-10-08 I'm having pain in my hip:

Hi Julie,    Sorry about your hip pain.  From your message, I'm not exactly sure of some of the details, but since I know your hip hurts, but as long as nothing is ripped or broken, then my free website

2016-09-17 flexor carpi ulnaris Pain:

Hi Derrick,    Sorry to hear about the wrist.  Thanks to your very precise description, I do think I can show you how to fix your issue.    I think what probably happened is that muscle was already a bit

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