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Robert Waxman, Ph.D.

Please ask any questions that are relevant to Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism. Other topics to inquire about include: science and Kabbalah, parallel universes, reincarnation, after-death states, cosmology, numerology (gematria), hidden meanings of the Bible, the eternal validity of the soul, Plato, and Kabbalah, Vedanta and Kabbalah, and the meaning of life according to Kabbalah.

Rabbi Ari Shishler

South Africa
I'm happy to answer questions on Jewish belief, Jewish spirituality & Kabbalah.

Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits

On Vacation
returns 01/01/2017
Kabbalah, Halacha, Mussar.

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2016-10-06 Dybukks and Ancestor Worshipers:

Hi Tj    You need to distinguish between a dybbuk, which is a lost soul that may temporarily attach to a living person, and evil spirits that could interfere with someone's life.     What you describe

2016-10-04 Is this blashpemy or is this in honor of G-d?:

Hi Kyle    A name is a very powerful and personal reflection of your identity.     In the Jewish world, you don't take on a Hebrew name on your own. Let us assume that you would undergo a full Jewish conversion

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