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Carol Forbes

I can answer questions about machine knitting. I am familiar with most made-in-Japan machines, main beds and ribbers. I am most familiar with Studio and Brother. I am not familiar with Passap.

Liver Chick

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2016
I can help beginning knitters sort out things like needle sizes, types of yarns to use and good starter patterns. Willing to translate some difficult patterns into plain English when clarification is needed. Recommendation of books and websites to learn new techniques. Sometimes you just need that friend to remind you that knitting is not about perfection and that you will get through that project that feels like its taking forever to complete.

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2016-11-26 Deciphering knitting terminology:

Sorry I didn't answer sooner.      K0 does mean knit zero and p0 does mean purl zero.    The smallest size would read :   cast on 75 stitches.  *k3, p3* repeat * to * to last 3 stitches.  k3.    row 2:

2016-11-12 Needle size:

Somewhere in your pattern it should say how many stitches make an inch.  This is called gauge. You need to use the needle size that will give you this.    I would use a #4 needle, cast on a few, maybe

2016-11-04 Knitting pattern increase for sleeve:

The instructions you give will not increase or decrease.    Row 1 - K1 * (K2 tog) twice takes out 2 stitches but then (fwd,k1) 4 times puts in 4 stitches and the (k2tog) twice takes out 2 stitches   so

2016-09-27 deciphering a knitting pattern:

Pick up and knit 10 stitches evenly along right side of neck.  pick up 14 stitches from the 12 cast-off stitches at top of right sleeve  pick up 23 stitches from the 20 cast-off stitches at back of neck

2016-09-25 armhole shaping:

starting with 126 stitches:    Row 1 decrease 1 stitch each end = 124  row 2 decrease 1 stitch each end = 122  row 3 decrease 1 stitch each end = 120  row 4 decrease 1 stitch each end = 118  row 5 decrease

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