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I've been listening to KoRn my entire life, so I can answer questions about the meaning of their songs and such. I can also answer general knowledge questions about the band and about most interviews that they have done in the past.


I've been a die-hard Korn fan since 1996 and have read/watched hundreds of interviews, so I can answer pretty much any Korn question you throw at me. My expertise is on Jonathan Davis and general Korn questions though, but I'll probably be able to answer questions regarding the other band members as well depending on what the question is asking.

The Hivster

I can answer general questions on the Korn band. However, I am an expert on the frontman, Jonathan Davis. I can answer anything regarding current biographical information, news, album releases, tour dates, rumors, merchandise, places to find Korn media, concerts, appearances, and miscellaneous queries about the musical superstars. No question is off limits! But, like I said, Jonathan Davis is my specialty. If I can't answer your question off the top of my head, I'll do everything I can to find out the answer for you in a timely manner!


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