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Dr.Kalli Prater

I can answer questions about routine lab work, functional lab ranges for optimal health, what lab tests should be considered and when you need to seek a second opinion. I can also answer questions about specialty testing like: stool testing, hormone testing, and saliva testing.

Elizabeth, MSCIT, BSMT (ASCP)

I can answer questions about the purpose of specific laboratory tests, and can suggest specific questions the patient may want to ask their physician regarding the interpretation of their laboratory testing results. I cannot diagnose diseases or be held responsible for any information or suggestions offered. The final authority and informational resource regarding the patient's medical treatment should be their own physician.

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2016-11-25 Progesterone:

OTC creams are available, typical dosage for those is based on a female though. I would ask them to make a specific recommendation or suggest a doctor more familiar with hormone balancing in males who

2016-11-08 check cervix:

Was this photo taken by a gynecologist?  If so what was the gynecologist's report?  If not, how was this photo of your cervix obtained?  What  if any symptoms are causing concerns of cervical pathology?

2016-10-30 cervical lesions:

Because lesions can be the same texture it is not accurate for self palpating. Visual examination with the speculum and Pap smear are the gold standard for cervical lesions. Some lesions are present without

2016-10-15 cervical lesions:

To accurately diagnose and treat cervical lesions requires a clinical evaluation and treatment by a licensed Gynecologist in a professional healthcare setting which would include a pelvic examination.

2016-09-15 protein in urine:

Eliz,      As far as proteinuria, whether it's a concern or not  depends on a number of factors, e.g., the physician's clinical assessment taking into consideration the patient's age, clinical and family

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