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John McInnis

Land Rover Discovery. I've had most of the common mechanical failures, altenator, water leaks, wiper failure, door/hinge problems, roof rust, floor rust, loads of electrical problems. Remember, I'm not a dealer or a mechanic, just an owner like most of you.

John Elder Robison

I own J E Robison Service in Springfield, MA. We are Bosch Car Service for Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, and other European lines. I can answer most questions about Land Rover service or repair. I'm known as a car enthusiast, machine aficianado, photographer, writer, and speaker. I've been around Land Rovers and British cars most of my life. Visit me at my car business, or my author website, Check out my autism and writing blog at or my photos on John Elder Robison

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2017-02-09 2003 land rover freelander:

I'm sorry to say those cars have chronic internal engine problems, and they have external problems with the manifolds.  Freelanders have very little cash value, and most people scrap the trucks before

2017-01-04 Fault Code:

The code you cite is not a a standard OBD code; you would need to look in the information that came with the tool to interpret it.  All I can say is the code relates to the evaporative control system,

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