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Russel Ray

I can answer questions about water-wise landscaping, xeriscaping, and using native vegetation, cactus, and succulents to create a home paradise that won't increase your water bill.


Design of landscape structures and design of planting arrangements in the landscape. I usually do not answer questions of a horticultural nature or about growing plants or gardening unless they are related to design. I will answer these questions at my discretion. I will answer maintenance questions at my discretion,usually when they are related to design. I am a landscape designer. I am not a contractor or a gardener. Although I will describe how something is built I do not provide detailed installation or construction instructions. I do not recommend brand name products or services unless they are a clearly established practice. I do not recommend or give referrals to landscape related businesses. Here are example categories of problems I can help you with: Design of residential walks,low walls,low retaining walls,fences,drainage systems,arbors,plant selection,xeriscapes (low water use landscapes),rain garden design,rain water harvesting,permeable paving,sustainable drainage. No advise on an architectural or engineering level. I DO NOT PERFORM ACTUAL DESIGN WORK THROUGH THIS SITE. I only provide suggestions and advice. For more comprehensive help check out my website at:

Marc Chapelle, RLA

I am a licensed Landscape Architect. I can answer general questions about style and design, give you ideas and suggestions for site amenities, help with larger site-planning issues, or perhaps give guidance for recreational amenities & park design. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK FOR A PLANT SUGGESTION GO HERE: I prefer you ask somebody else why your petunias are not as perky as they should be; I'd LOVE to tell you how those petunias can increase your home's value!

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2017-04-05 Where to plant hedges:

Hello,    Foundation plantings are completely a matter of taste but privacy is many times a necessary thing,so by all means,plant the hedge next to the wall.     If this direction is facing south you may

2017-02-19 West Facing Patio shading options:

Hi Jennifer: Only 6 feet?  If it is an easement (storm water? Sewer? Access?), you shouldn't really be planting anything into it.  I would suggest perhaps a vertical shade or shade sail for instant relief

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