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I am an expert in Latin Language and Literature and I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning this matter.


Ph.D. Cand. in Classical Languages. Conversant with all forms of the language: classical, mediaeval, and modern.

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2015-11-29 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Haec vox illi communis est cum Stoico” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, Epistle  IX. Section 19) the dative singular  “illi” refers to Stilbo and depends on “communis est”

2015-11-26 Honestly not a tattoo question...:

Hello,    “There is a light that never goes out” translates correctly as “ Est lux quae numquam exstinguitur”,  where “lux”  means just  light as the opposite of the dark, and “exstinguitur” means “goes

2015-11-25 Latin to English:

Hello,    the word “sacristarum” is the genitive plural of the medieval Latin masculine noun “sacrista” (nominative case)belonging to the 1st declension and meaning “sacrist”/ “sacristan”/”sexton”, i.e

2015-11-24 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.“Placebit aliquod pretium contra amicitiam, si ullum in illa placet praeter ipsam”(Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, Epistle IX. Section 9) literally means:”Some reward (aliquod

2015-11-23 English>Latin:

Hello,    “Brevior est vita quam ut malum bibamus vinum” is the Latin sentence for “Life is too short to drink bad wine” which seems to be the translation of “Das leben ist viel zu kurz um schlechten wein

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