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I am an expert in Latin Language and Literature and I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning this matter.

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2015-01-27 Translation:

Hello,    First of all I have to point out that the Latin  inscription that we read on the  halo around the head of the Virgin Mary in the Ghent Altarpiece, also known as   Hubert and Jan van Eyck's Adoration

2015-01-23 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Detrahere igitur alteri aliquid et hominem hominis incommodo suum commodum augere magis est contra naturam quam mors…” (Cicero, De Officiis, III.21) the sentence “hominem hominis

2015-01-22 Beware Google "Translations"!:

Beware of internet "translation machines," which produce only phony Latin.  No one has designed a computer program that comes even close to an accurate translation of an inflected language like Latin.

2015-01-20 question about latin phrase:

Hello,    "Treatise of multiple realities” can be translated correctly as “Tractatus  rerum multiplicium”  or “Multiplicium rerum tractatus” with a different word order which in Latin can be variable.

2015-01-19 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In ”Cui quidem ita sunt Stoici assensi, ut et, quicquid honestum esset, id utile esse censerent…”(III.11) the  conjunction “et” after “ut” stands for “etiam” meaning "also", "too".  

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