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Ph.D. Cand. in Classical Languages. Conversant with all forms of the language: classical, mediaeval, and modern.

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2015-06-29 latin abbreviations/phrase in a school certificate:

Hello,    I think that  the abbreviation “matr.” stands for the Late Latin noun “matrina” meaning  “godmother “ and therefore  the abbreviated phrase “ante bapt. matr. nat. contraxit cum ..” stands for

2015-06-28 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.“…quod ferae, sapientis quoque telum est, timeri” (Seneca, De Ira, book II, chapter 11, section 2)  literally means:”To be feared (timeri),  which (quod) is [typical ] (est) of a wild

2015-06-24 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Non alia quam in ludo gladiatorio vita est cum isdem viventium pugnantiumque” (Seneca, De Ira, book II, chapter 8, section 2) the word “alia” meaning “different” is a feminine adjective

2015-06-23 Grammar:

Dear John,    It is true that  in  John 13:18 of the  so-called Vulgate, i.e. the late fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible commissioned to St. Jerome by Pope Damasus I,  we read “ego scio quos

2015-06-21 grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “ plurimumque ab iratorum vultu absunt, per otium saevi... “ (Seneca, De Ira, book II, chapter 5, section 3) the literal meaning of “per otium saevi” is “cruel (saevi, nominative masculine

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