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Harry Hayfield

I have recently found the results for the Congressional and Senate Elections dating back to 1788 and will be able to advise on the best way of finding out what a candidate`s views are

John C. Berg

How Congress works, how to influence Congress, how Congress can be improved, how state legislatures work, how to influence state legislatures, how the Massachusetts legislature works, how to influence the Massachusetts legislature, why the presidential debates are unfair, how to improve the presidential debates, why the US electoral system is unfair, how to improve the US electoral system, how to end the two-party monopoly

Michael Troy

I can answer just about any question about U.S. Political history, Constitutional law, the legislative process, elections, etc. I enjoy Presidential and Congressional historical trivia, but can answer more substantive questions too.

Paul Edward Zukowski

National politics including Presidential, Congressional issues


I can answer questions about voting requirements, federal elections, including the primary process, conventions and the electoral college, campaign finance reform, how a bill becomes a law, the Constitution, presidential history and Obamacare.

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2017-02-18 Gun control:

Hello,    The action taken by the Senate was not a bill.  It was a joint resolution.  Under the Congressional Review Act, if both houses pass a resolution nullifying a federal regulation and the President

2017-01-25 President history:

Hi Kristine,    No, there are several former Presidents with immigrant parents.    Thomas Jefferson's mother was born in England.  Both of Andrew Jackson's parents were born in Ireland. James Buchanan

2017-01-19 Inauguration:

There are no requirements for outgoing Presidents.  A few of them early in our history skipped inaugurations of their successors.  Almost all outgoing Presidents though attend the inauguration of their

2016-11-29 Committee Chairs--who do they listen to?:

Hello,    There are no enforceable rules about who members of Congress correspond with.  They are free to ignore messages from everyone, respond to everyone, or respond to only select groups of their choosing

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