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John C. Berg

How Congress works, how to influence Congress, how Congress can be improved, how state legislatures work, how to influence state legislatures, how the Massachusetts legislature works, how to influence the Massachusetts legislature, why the presidential debates are unfair, how to improve the presidential debates, why the US electoral system is unfair, how to improve the US electoral system, how to end the two-party monopoly

Harry Hayfield

I have recently found the results for the Congressional and Senate Elections dating back to 1788 and will be able to advise on the best way of finding out what a candidate`s views are

Paul Edward Zukowski

National politics including Presidential, Congressional issues


I can answer questions about voting requirements, federal elections, including the primary process, conventions and the electoral college, campaign finance reform, how a bill becomes a law, the Constitution, presidential history and Obamacare.

Michael Troy

I can answer just about any question about U.S. Political history, Constitutional law, the legislative process, elections, etc. I enjoy Presidential and Congressional historical trivia, but can answer more substantive questions too.

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2017-03-26 Re: Questions:

1. yes  2. Not really - Police generally do not provide a lawyer at questioning.  The ruling meant that police could not continue to question a suspect until that person had an opportunity to get a lawyer

2017-03-26 ACA:

Hi,  Premiums ave been rising by 10% to 40% per year.  Insurance companies are dropping out and some states are down to one company.  Some state could end up no insurance companies at all.  Its in a death

2017-03-24 Re: Questions:

1. Suspects had always had a right to an attorney and not to answer questions that could be self incriminating.  What Miranda added was that police must explicitly advise suspects of these rights before

2017-03-23 Health care:

There no set deadline and House can leave pending as long as they want.  Its also not unusual that this happened its common event in House. Speaker determines when there a vote. If there not enough votes

2017-03-23 Re: Iron triangle:

Essentially, yes you have it right, Agencies have incentive to curry favor with interest groups through favorable regulations so that the interest groups will support the agency before Congress.  Interest

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