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Alicia Thompson

I can answer questions about lesbian relationships, dating, coming out, what to do if you like someone who isn't a lesbian, and how to know if you or someone else is a lesbian. I am also willing to be a friendly ear to anyone who just needs someone to talk to-sometimes that is all we need.

Lena Torres

Can Answer Questions about Lesbian Life: Dating, Relationships, Breakups, Cheating and Every day life. Prefer not to Respond to: Intricate Psychological Disorder questions (though I can refer readers to other resources i.e. websites/counceling for information and help on these issues). No questions with sexual content, especially from under-age readers.


New Zealand
Lesbian: sexual problems, coming out, general questions about being gay:-) i came out when i was 17, and ive helped several ppl not just friends, come to terms and understand what its like to be gay, the kind of lifestyle it leads to or rather can lead to, medical issues, and just how to be happy with your choice of lifestyle.

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2014-03-27 Not quite over her....:

Hi Steph,    Your situation sounds exactly like a situation I had with one of my exes so I'm going to use that situation to try and help you out with your situation.     It is very normal to miss the friendship

2014-01-29 Stupid college crushes:

Hello,    You sound just like me when I was in college. I had lots of crushes that always went nowhere and when someone did like me, I had no clue. Everyone over thinks things when it comes to crushes

2014-01-26 Is she bi?:

Hi Jenny,    From reading your question, my gut instinct is that she is interested in you but you work together and you have a guy so she probably doesn't want to say anything. I can't say whether she

2014-01-24 What to do?:

Hi Mary,    You sound like a very reasonable and loving parent. I'm not really sure what I would do in your situation. Do you know anything about this girl? Is she a good person or will she be a bad influence

2014-01-21 My fiance loves me but doesn't like that I'm fat.:

Hello,    First of all, don't beat yourself up for not being completely honest about what you looked like when you first started talking to your significant other. Most people don't start off with the

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