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Tue Sorensen

I am an authority on the complete works of Shakespeare, and can answer any questions relating to his plays, poetry and life. I specialize in interpretation, double-meanings and translation into modern language.


I am an expert in Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek Literature.


As an instructor of literature and the humanities, my experience is as broad as the experience I have gained in the classroom. As a published author and journalist, I have first hand industry experience. Between the two, I have the experience, knowledge, and research experience that could certainly answer any questions that may be asked of me.

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2017-03-02 Query re Kipling:

Hello Geoffrey    Sure thing - and a relatively easy question to answer. The story was unearthed in 2004, and published in issue 309 (March 2004) of the Kipling Journal (the journal for the Kipling Society)

2017-02-02 English Literature:

Hello    I found that someone wrote a program to analyze this information with two of the authors included...        DIckens  Number of words in writer's corpus

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