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I know a lot about the Backstreet Boys, especially about Brian. Their history, what they `re up to right now, questions about releases ... I have a very good memory for dates, so if you want to know what they were doing on 11th January 1996, just ask! However, I `m mostly interested in the production of their music. Over the years I `ve been studying a lot of cd credits (not only BSB CD `s). Because of that, I `ve also become a "fan" of certain producers, especially the guys at Cheiron. So questions about songwriters & producers, studio `s, and even chord structures are no problem. For example you can ask me "For which other groups has the producer of song x produced music?" or "Who played guitar on larger than life" I would rather get such questions than questions like "what is aj `s favorite color" But you can ask me such questions about the guys as well. After all, I have been following them for years...

Littrell, Brian

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