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I prefer to answer only public questions so all can benefit . there is a donation button.but its not necessary for you to donate to ask me a question. if you want to donate. it will go to my daughters education fund and I thank you. Questions related to credit card management and use of credit to achieve your financial goals I have found on google that my screename has been linked to some garbage financial sites, that I have nothing to do with Please ask me to verify this if you are not sure and let me know who is making any claims so i can sue their asses off this is my website or my blog


I can answer questions about personal budgeting, methods, tips, banking and insurance.

Ericka Joseph

The budget is a guaranteed way to track your money and develop money discipline. I am open to answering any questions which concern customization of a budget and using tools to help you stay discipline. I will also answer about creating and maintaining an emergency fund. Although I can speak about long-term financial planning and investing, I will choose to only focus on the fundamentals I use for my financial success, at this time.

Gary C. Dunn

I can answer questions about where to travel and live rent-free in the US or other countries. I have been publishing rent-free living opportunities world-wide since 1983. It`s a great way to save money when you can housesit for someone!

Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger

I can answer questions pertaining to budgeting, savings, debt reduction, and total freedom from debt. I can assist in prioritizing expenses and obligations. I am willing to share and offer guidance in realistic money management, modest investments, and financial freedom. I am not an investment counselor, broker or accountant, I am a missionary that does not do fund raisers or ask for donations.

Tim West

Budgeting, credit, collections, basic insurance and investing. Small business budgeting basic will and estate planning.

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2016-10-04 debt free and budgetting:

you can be debt free or a debt overlord like i am. your bills look like about 1200 a month and if you call them all and ask i bet 90% of them can be paid with a credit card. ie if you have a double cash

2016-10-04 trying to be debt free and budgeting:

Dear Amy,    You didn't mention an amount for rent, but based upon the info you've given me, this is doable, but you'll have to make some changes.  This is certainly the time of year to get a part time

2016-09-19 College student budgeting:

Hi Alec,    Thanks for considering me to answer this question. I love the title, How to Enjoy Being a Broke College Student.  I have two pieces of advice that I wish young college students would remember

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