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Terry V. Andreasen (Andy)

Safe and Vault related Questions; Antique Safe Repair and Restoration; With over 42 years in the Safe & Vault industry, if I can't answer your question I know where to get the answer. Current Project: Restoration of an Ely Norris Cannonball Safe from the early 1900's. Will answer Safe & Vault related questions concerning age, value, restoration, moving, opening & repairing, parts, operation and history. Note: It is not my intention to teach you to open safes or to provide information which may aid in the unlawful opening of a safe. I will not give out drill points or information which I deem inappropriate.

Dan Terrigno

I can answer questions about commercial locks, card access systems, locksmithing except for cars, safes & safe opening, video surveillance and master key systems


I do not answer Safe or automotive questions. Period. I am knowledgeable in almost every area of Locksmithing. This includes locks, keys, lost keys, residential and commercial lockouts, rekeying, masterkeying, high security locks, access control, electric locks, security cameras and home safety. I have been running an online business since 2004 where I sell all types of lock and security hardware to everyone from apartment renters to business owners to the US government. Before that I started a locksmith service in 1999. I deal with many types of security equipment including high security safe locks, heavy duty padlocks, exit devices, biometric readers, electric strikes, magnetic locks, full surface hinges and I only sell what I personally stand behind 100%. The online business has given me a more in-depth look at the locksmithing industry, helping me to learn more about each and every product that I offer, as well as products I don't have but end up finding for customers to solve any issues they have with security or door hardware.

Please don't submit any automotive or safe questions as these aren't areas that I can help in.

Robert L. Webb

On Vacation
returns 01/31/2017
Questions about locks only. I have been a locksmith for over 30 years and am currently the consulting locksmith at one of the largest satellite manufacturers in Southern California. I am a state contractor in the lock/safe field. I will answer questions dealing with residential, commercial and government safes. X07,8 and 9. Mosler 302 and S&G 6700-8400.

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2017-01-18 parts:

Hi Loren,    Sorry it wasn't a "model" 444254, that was it's individual serial number.    As far as Mosler parts - Mosler went out of business in Aug. 2001.   Parts are no longer available from them.

2017-01-13 diebold safe 2005:

Hi Chris     most of the Diebold safes come from the factory set on either 50 or 50-25-50.    The original combination for the owner, would be set when the container is sold or placed in service.    If

2017-01-12 In ground safe:

Hi Robert,    I'm assuming that you mean the J.P. Safe manufacturing Company  (Johnson-Pacific).    As far as having a key made by the manufacturer - rather difficult as they have been out of business

2017-01-12 Identifying Lock:

Hi Jorge,    The lock that I would expect to find on your safe would have been made for Meilink by Eagle.    If it is an S&G lock, there are a couple possibilities, though I WOULD need to see photos of

2017-01-11 Old Yale Safe Lock:

Hi Jim,    In order to determine the combination for the lock or reset it, the wheel pack will need to be disassembled.    If you look at the wheel on top in your photo and think about a wheel on your

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