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I can respond to any questions regarding wedding planning here on Long Island. As a journalist here for some twenty years, I have tons of local resources at my fingertips, which I utilize to respond to brides' questions.

Stan Wiest

My new Piano CD "MUSIC TO DRIVE BY" features my personal and emotional renditions of music of the Great American Songbook. It is currently being broadcast internationally on radio.I am currently on tour in piano concert in between performing for weddings. Next concert November 2, 2014 at the Glove Theatre in Gloversville New York.Nine interviews on the Bill Miller show in Kansas City. I would like to offer my services in the area of Wedding Expert covering questions concerning music, planning etc.I am President of A.Stan Wiest Music and have performed and planned the weddings for the editors of Red Book, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan Magazines, the Du Pont Wedding, female lead in the Broadway Show "Jekyl & Hyde", wedding for family member of conductor Arturo Tuscaninni.I just planned and performed the wedding for one of the Royal Family member from Sri Lanka. Receptions for Barbara Walters, Sally Jessy Raphael,Tony Randal.I am recommended for wedding music in the just published book (January 2001) "The Perfect Wedding Reception" by Maria Mc Bride Mellinger-editor at Bride`s Magazine.I am featured in the March-April 2001 issue of Bridal Guide Magazine in an article on .....

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