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Barrie Jones

MG Sports Cars from 1949 to 1980 - Including MGB, MGBGT V8, TF1500, TF, TD and modern Midgets. I also specialise in SU carburettors, Lucas wiring, suspension, steering & brakes.

Howard M. Fitzcharles III

MG from 1956 (USA versions only) up and Engine theory.

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2016-10-23 1969 MGB Will Not Start:

Hi Paul,    As I remember the 69 MGB has the Opus / Lucas ignition system, which failed so often we replaced the unit more then once on many cars before they got out of the one year warranty. The failure

2016-10-21 TR6 back fire through carb.:

Hi Gabe,    I found while working in dealerships that symptoms rarely produce a diagnosis of a problem It only tells you there is a problem.     We were always paid on commission only. So we only were

2016-10-17 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

Hi Eric,    Not Maybe not ready yet. The later MGB's can run ok at 118 psi even though the wet test shows some ring ware. You said carbon on the plugs. There are several kinds of carbon. Flat black powder

2016-10-15 Electrical:

Hi Don    Everything that is not working shares the same fuse, so I think you have either disturbed fuse #5 or one has blown.    There is a fuse box on the side of the engine compartment with 4 fuses.

2016-10-07 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

OK Eric, that is a good start so I will walk you through the procedure we used in the dealerships which is necessary. When any engine slows down and dies one or more of the three systems has failed and

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