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Howard M. Fitzcharles III

MG from 1956 (USA versions only) up and Engine theory.

Barrie Jones

MG Sports Cars from 1949 to 1980 - Including MGB, MGBGT V8, TF1500, TF, TD and modern Midgets. I also specialise in SU carburettors, Lucas wiring, suspension, steering & brakes.

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2016-09-24 1978 brake issues:

Just in case anybody else is reading this reply, this advice only applies to the last MGBs built AFTER 1976.  The process for earlier cars is more complicated, requiring the shuttle to be centralised using

2016-09-24 1978 brake issues:

Hi Steve.    In order to bleed your brakes a pressure differential switch must be screwed fully in to the new master cylinder so that it locates in a groove in the middle of the shuttle.  The switch must

2016-09-12 TD heat shield:

Hi Ray    The reason it won't fit is because it fouls the TD intake trumpet.  So long as you fit it complete with TC spacers it should be OK with pancake filters.    I attach a photo of a TD fitted with

2016-09-08 Heat shield:

Hi Ray.    My heat shield should do the trick, but I do not keep a stock of them.      They are available through John James at "Totally T Type", but you need to ask for a kit for a TC  because the TD

2016-09-04 MG TD Heat shield:

Hi Ray    If you are still using the original oil bath air filter then I recommend the heat shield sold by Brown & Gammons.      Follow this link:

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