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Eric Campion

We have been repairing appliances for over 36 years and have owned our own business for the same. We can help in any or almost all complaints or at least give you some intelligent input to help you make rational decisions. You can visit our website at

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2016-09-25 Propane tank size substitution:

Sure.....My building has natural gas and when I test propane gas ranges, I use a barbeque grill tank.  Of course, you must check your local code.  These codes vary from city to city.  Good Luck in YOUR

2016-09-18 Bosch Front Load Washer:

SInce it is a brand new machine, I would call the manufacture as the water should not stay in the dispenser.  Te machine does not know you are not using fabric simply goes through it's cycles

2016-09-14 Kitchen Aid dishwasher leak:

In my many long years of Experience, I have never see it happen.  Can you see a leak and the area it is coming from?  Probably will have to remove the lower cover while running it.  A real bright flashlight

2016-09-09 Tube Replacement Kenmore Elite 106.72202201:

The pictures do not show me exactly where the 'patch' is.  To remove the plastic tubing from the valve ports, simply push in on the round ring and slide out the tubing.  Do not pull hard or you will break

2016-09-08 Vintage wall oven:

Part number is Q58546 and your cost is 89.95 + shipping.  Should you choose to order, follow this link to our website where you can scroll down and fill out the secure order form to process your order

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