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Eric Campion

We have been repairing appliances for over 36 years and have owned our own business for the same. We can help in any or almost all complaints or at least give you some intelligent input to help you make rational decisions. You can visit our website at

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2017-02-15 Westinghouse Oven (1963):

Years ago.... only the bottom element come on when baking.  Top element comes on when broiling.  The newer electronic units have a broil assist but most older unit do not.  Try raising your oven rack higher

2017-02-08 range hood:

Every microwave I have ever installed came with a standard 110 volt plug with of course the grounding pin.   Most often all repairs require the microwave to be removed from the cabinet to repair.  With

2017-02-02 No cold water enters washer:

You are correct....Replace the water inlet valve part number 40107001 on your washing machine and shut the water off on your whole house and replace the faucet supplying water to your washer. I would replace

2017-01-23 Drain for new washing machine:

That is not a very good machine.  I work on that one more than any of the newer ones.  The one you picked has a belt, transmission , shift actuator, and other troublesome items.  The cabrio is the best

2017-01-22 Washing machine:

Not sure which brand or model you will be purchasing....but most all are electronically controlled.  If they cannot drain the water within 7-8 minutes, they error out and shut down.  8 minutes is a long

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