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samsuddin amar

Most general question can be answered within minute but with regards to official related question will be answered later.

Ron Egerton

I can tell you a great deal about air travel, coach travel and train travel throughout Malaysia and Thailand and Australia Also tourist destinations, hotels and shopping. Also about the people.

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2016-08-26 ATM:

Hi   1. Fees yes they do vary. Maybank generally regarded as number 1.    2. Money changers definitely pay better than ATM. And around Pavillion there are plentty of them.  Pavillion is at Bukit Bintang

2016-08-24 ATM:

Yes they do vary bank to bank.    Firstly Skip the money changers at the airport they are savage.    I only use Maybank now at ATMS    You will have no troubles though if you want to use US dollar. the

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