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Rob Kantner

I can answer questions about quality/environmental management and quality improvement: ISO 9000, QS-9000, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 standards.

Aniket S Sharma

I can answer questions related to business analysis, requirements gathering and management, requirements assessment, solution validation and assessment, Risk analysis, Gap Analysis, SWOT analysis, knowledge areas of business analyst, Use Case estimation, Functional and Non-functional requirements, business case and plan, business communication, presentation skills, conflict management, ITIL processes, Service Operation, Service Transition, Change Management, Problem Management, Incident management and many more.

David Stephensen

I can answer questions about all aspects of designing and producing procedures manuals for small and medium sized businesses, including managing the documentation project, the analysis that leads to the design of the manual, business writing, publishing the business manual, educating the staff about continuous improvement and using ISO 9001. You can find out more at my website and sign up to receive my blog.

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM INDIA AND PAKISTAN (and everywhere else, too) PLEASE NOTE: I do not have time to complete your assignments for you. Please do not paste questions from your assignments into a request for my help. If you ask me a specific question in your own words and fool me into thinking you are a business person by your interest in and commitment to the subject then I will answer you.

Kathy Sparks

I will answer questions about your online business presence, how to get started, what you will need, how to promote yourself online, how to find and hire a virtual assistant, what a virtual assistant can do for you, how you can become a virtual assistant, what a virtual assistant is, best solutions for running an online business and questions about virtual assistant practices. I will help you with 1shoppingcart and where to find inexpensive shoppingcarts, where to find software for creating assessments online, best services for domain registration, how to trademark your business name. How to outsource our projects.

Cihan Barut (BBA)

Dear Sir / Madam, Please try to avoid wording errors and be specific.I advise you to take your time to organize your question no matter how long you would like to type. Please avoid asking region specific questions. Dear INDIAN NATIONALS - Stop asking HOMEWORK questions - ALL will be REJECTED ! Thank you.

Ken Tasch

My business and management expertise covers: ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Business Operations ♦ Marketing/Sales/Business Development ♦ Manufacturing ♦ Engineering

Brian Thompson

My expertise extends to general management, financial management, corporate govenance and everyday managerial problem solving

Brad Poulos

I can answer any kind of general management question for a small or medium sized business. I have knowledge in legal, financial, operations, and business development/marketing issues in businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees.

George Chan

Hong Kong
I can answer the question about strategy management, IT management, production management, hospitiality management, sales management, marketing management, HR management, financial management.

Donald Marr

I can answer any questions concerning small business operations. Employee training, inventory, purchasing, and all aspects of what is needed to have a successful business.

Jessica Chew

On Vacation
returns 02/10/2017
I own my own business and can answer questions related to small businesses. In particular, what is the difference between an employee and and independent contractors and the pluses and minuses of each. I can answer questions about marketing, trying to keep coworkers happy. I can answer questions about the importance of agreements between employer and employee. I cannot answer questions about Quickbooks or employee taxes. I can answer questions about filing insurance.

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