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crystal alcairo

I can answer nearly all questions about Barry's music, his early career, the people he's worked with in the past, current projects, and any awards he's received in the past.

Laurie Wheeler

I will do my very best to answer any and all questions about Barry Manilow and his phenomenal career in a timely, informative and professional-like manner.

John W Baldwin

I can answer almost any question about Barry`s music and videos: Content, lyrics, instruments, arrangements. You know -- the important stuff! ***PLEASE NOTE: I don't work for Barry or his organizations. I don't know him personally. I'm like that guy on PBS that talks about Mozart, the knowledge is based on 35 years of study, not from any insider information. *** --JB

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2016-08-12 curiousity:

Legally, no.   For one, Barry is an emancipated adult, and as such has a say on whom his family is.  For two, he's 73 years old. I'm not sure he's of adoptable age.     You may not be able to adopt him

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