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Daniel Keeran, MSW

I can answer questions about issues arising in marriage: conflict, communication, listening, anger, verbal abuse, household responsibilities, infidelity, addiction/substance abuse, pornography, physical abuse, time spent together, finances, in-laws, death of a spouse or child, separation and divorce, problem-solving and much more. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD "Counseling In A Book"

Relationship Counsellor

I am quite experienced and matured enough to handle questions related to following topics: 1) Love- Friendship 2) Issues in all kinds of relationships. 3) making a relationship work. 4) Effective tips to sustain a relationship. 5) Sex related queries. Well as of now haven't come across any such questions, which would offend me or I lack expertise in, but am a straight forward person and doesn't hold my wordings back. I don't mind being honest in case I lack knowledge about particular aspect and quite flexible to accept genuine views of others or seek other professionals for my case studies, to help the clients out.

Liam Naden

New Zealand
I specialise in helping couples save their marriage and rebuild it after major hurts such as an affair. Creating intimacy, removing hurt, dealing with sexual and communication problems. I have two relationship-saver programs which are available from my website and a free report, "The Five Keys to Saving Your Marriage Now" at

Graham Smith B.PHIL

I can help with any question on marriage, based on my 32 years of marriage. I also have two children, and one granddaughter,and one step grandaughter.


I can answer most any questions regarding a husband/wife relationship. Whatever the question may be. I would like to help you find an answer to it. If you want an honest and unbiased opinion on things then ask away. I am a divorced mother of 4 children, I have been a single mother, and I'm currently remarried and have a 4th daughter with my husband. I know what it is like to have a spouse cheat on you, to be taken advantage of, to feel like everything is hopeless (being depressed), emotions (the up`s and down`s). I will try to answer anything you have on your mind about husband-wife relationships, divorce, adultery, etc. Please don`t hesitate to ask.


I can answer most any questions regarding a husband/wife relationship. Whatever the question may be,no matter the situation. I will try to answer anything you have on your mind about husband-wife relationships, divorce,separation,restoring relationship,drama/issues; adultery,sex,self esteem issues,cheating,abuse etc.I can comfortably answer questions about developing or salvaging a strong marriage relationship.If you just need advice or encouragement I am here to be a blessing to you and yours., communication, listening, anger, verbal abuse,


Marriages are made in heaven! But in love marriages when the two partners belong to different nations, castes, races, social strata, backgrounds, the amount of understanding required is more. I can tackle queries related to love marriages of these kinds. Sorry, I cannot help out on gay and lesbian relationships and am neither a sex therapist nor an astrologer.

Richard Taylor

After 30 years of marriage and 10 children I can comfortably answer questions about developing or salvaging a strong marriage relationship.


I can answer questions about the sacrament of matrimony from a Catholic perspective.

Maria Vento

I am a mother of three, one girl two boys. My first marriage lasted 25 years, married now for one year. I can be a witness for your relationship issues with marriage, divorce,and children, and or health. I can help you understand your situation and try to find a solution for you and your partner. Health issues, cancer ect., Anger, rejection, betrayal. I am a Reiki facilitator, I donate my time to help cancer patients deal with pain management. My perspective to problems or circumstances come from a spiritual place. To help you see purpose and meaning and always approach a situation from a loving place. I speak/write English and Spanish

Jan Harrell, PhD

On Vacation
returns 12/28/2014
I believe I can address any questions and concerns a person might have.

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