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I can answer any kind of questions that you may have, and if I cannot I will look around to find the answer. I am a very caring person and I will not stop until all your questions are answered and you are happy with the answers I have provided. I will always answer in terms of medical views and never religious views. If I do not know the answer; I will research it until I find the answer to all your questions. I will never judge you for what you are doing or what you have done. If you prefer to talk one on one more privately please feel free to ask me to do so and I will be happy to chat with you via email or some other form or private messaging. I know that some questions and concerns are a little more personal then you want to allow to be public.

Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I write from the point of view that masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary to sexual health. I am able to answer questions in all areas of sexuality.

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2016-08-06 Over masturbation problems:

Masturbation is good for you.  It is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It doesn't cause any of the problems you mention.  If you are really in pain and have these tremors

2016-06-23 Masturbation:

Masturbating cannot cause you to lose your virginity.  The only way to lose your virginity is by having sex with another person.  You're at the age when most girls try masturbation or start thinking about

2016-06-04 Masturbation:

When females are ready to move beyond clitoral stimulation, they generally insert one or more fingers into the vagina to see what feels good.  When one or more fingers are able to produce an orgasm, many

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