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John Zalewski

I can help you solve problems involving fractions, decimals, ratios, and algebra. I can teach you how to do math faster, and even in your head. I can teach math definitions, and help you study, if necessary. Please do not ask any graphing, trigonometry, or calculus questions. Try to work through homework questions before asking for assistance.


I can answer most questions in maths for kids

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2017-02-21 Ritalin eye pain:

Hello, Peter.    Certainly there are proofs for what you have asked. There may be more than one for each proof, but I am not sure about that.    Check out these sites:

2017-02-10 Help:

hello,    I am not sure if I understand your question correct. However, if you are asking why percentage is per 100 and not per 1000 or 10, the response is   - it is per 100 because that is what the mathematicians

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