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Jim Qiu

wireless medical device, mhealthcare,ICU, telemedicine

Tom Smith

I can answer questions regarding medical device product safety and EMC requirements, and product device certification requirements. I do not have legal expertise with respect to the local state and national laws and regulations that must be met to start up a medical supply distribution business.

Dawn Lissy

I can answer questions about the medical device industry. I'm happy to explain how devices work, how they're tested, the state of the industry, how they're regulated, how a new device makes it to market, what it takes to earn FDA approval, testing standards, how to test devices that don't have established test standards, how to write/file reports with the FDA, where medical device technology is headed, validation/sterilization and more. I can talk about navigating complex bureaucratic systems, forging strong partnerships with clients, mentoring employees and large-scale problem solving. I approach challenges from a perspective of building on what's working rather than simply fixing what's broken. I'm convinced solutions-minded approach is the foundation of any successful venture, whether it's earning FDA approval or advancing a belt level in tae kwon do. I can also discuss my experience in starting a new business, being a female business leader in a male-dominated industry, maintaining work/life/family balance (I have a husband and two young sons) and the failures I've experienced on my journey that have been critical to my overall success.

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