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Joy B. Hicks, MBA, CPM

As a Medical Office Expert, I can answer any question related to the medical office from the prospective of hospital and physician office staff and patients.


I can answer questions about private health insurance plans (including plans purchased on exchanges) as well as Medicare, including Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap coverage and Medicare Part D. I can answer questions about Medicare beneficiaries' eligibility for Medicaid. I cannot answer questions about Medicaid in general or life insurance.

Cindy Hopp

As an expert in Medicare supplemental insurance, I can help you decide which plan is best for you. If you are turning 65 or your rates are just too high, let me shop for you and give you your options. I can also assist the under-65 for their health insurance options. Please include the State you live in.

Jeremy Rothpearl

Life Insurance questions Medicare questions


Has your medical insurance company denied your claim and refuses to pay? Have you received a pre-authorization and still your insurance company refuses to pay? How can you get your insurance company to reverse a denied claim? How do you get a provider to waive your copayment if you are financially unable to pay? Can a provider sue you for a unpaid bill and will they? Can a provider send me to a collection agency for a medical bill? If my insurance company does not pay, am I responsible? If you have these questions or others on why your insurance company is not paying your bills, I can help. I can give you "tricks of the trade" to get your insurance company to pay. I have limited knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid and that is not my expertise. Each state is very different regarding Medicare and Medicaid so you need to review their website when you have questions. So please no Medicare or Medicaid questions!!

Merry Schiff

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returns 03/30/2017
I am very familar with Medicare and general insurance questions. I can answer general questions about HMO's.

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