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I can answer questions regarding mice as pets, mouse behavior, color and coat genetics, breeding techniques, and general health questions. I can help with caging and setup, nutrition, social issues, and what to do in most mouse emergencies (such as unplanned litters, injuries, fighting, etc.). I can also assist with questions pertaining to orphaned mouse pups, weaning litters, and questions of mating and birthing. I cannot answer questions about exotic or wild varieties of mice such as spiny or pygmy mice. *****FOR EMERGENCIES, anything requiring immediate medical intervention, PLEASE take your mouse to a professional veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator who works with mice as soon as possible! IMPORTANT RESOURCES: Raising Orphaned Mice: http://www.rmca.org/Articles/orphans.htm Orphaned Mice Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CreekValleyCritters/videos?query=raising Natasha's Your First Mouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNK4uqNZTbA&feature=share General Mouse Help: http://www.fancymice.info/ Mouse Info and Exotic Breeds: http://www.hiiret.fi/eng/species/

K L Gardner

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returns 12/31/2016
I have hands on experience in caring for Rabbits and Rodents for over 20 years, as well as pet store supervisory experience including overlooking the treatment of sick or injured animals. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and Rodents are my speciality. I have kept everything from Dwarf breeds to Continental Giant Rabbits and various varieties of Guinea Pig and other rodents including Rats, Gerbils, Mice, Degu, Chinchilla, Dwarf Hamster, Syrian Hamster. I can give advice on husbandry, breeding, housing, diet, retail law, general buying your pet and what to look out for and health problems. I can also advise on bonding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and other rodents. I do advise that if your pet has an ailment that your priority is veterinary help but i will answer questions where i can on pets undergoing treatment by a vet where a diagnoses has been issued. Ailments do need inspection by a trained vet to diagnose any health problems

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2016-12-01 Mouse Died, wondering why?:

Hi Nicky,    First of all, I am so sorry about your loss.  It's hard for us, but it's even harder when kiddos are involved.    When you say they are hoppers, how old do you mean that they are?  Mice that

2016-11-21 Pet mice: sore eye and bald/red skin:

Hi Alice,    I'm sorry, I took the time to research your question a little more thoroughly than I normally would need to.  Even though I want to offer better advice than your vet, it actually sounds like

2016-11-14 Treating a lump...:

Hi Edward,    I'm sorry to hear that! The oral administration of the paste is only for the first day, and mostly for urgent situations such as respiratory infections. With bumps, antibiotics are more an

2016-11-11 mice:

Hi Alisso,    It's hard to guess without a few more details. Here are some of my thoughts:    - Are they correctly sexed? Pet shops sell mice very young, so it can sometimes be difficult to be sure you

2016-11-04 Mouse chewing on bars?:

Nims,    Unfortunately, you would be hard pressed to find a veterinarian who will neuter mice. Because mice are so tiny, it's very difficult to keep them under anesthesia successfully without chilling

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