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I can answer questions regarding mice as pets, mouse behavior, color and coat genetics, breeding techniques, and general health questions. I can help with caging and setup, nutrition, social issues, and what to do in most mouse emergencies (such as unplanned litters, injuries, fighting, etc.). I can also assist with questions pertaining to orphaned mouse pups, weaning litters, and questions of mating and birthing. I cannot answer questions about exotic or wild varieties of mice such as spiny or pygmy mice. *****FOR EMERGENCIES, anything requiring immediate medical intervention, PLEASE take your mouse to a professional veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator who works with mice as soon as possible! IMPORTANT RESOURCES: Raising Orphaned Mice: http://www.rmca.org/Articles/orphans.htm Orphaned Mice Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CreekValleyCritters/videos?query=raising Natasha's Your First Mouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNK4uqNZTbA&feature=share General Mouse Help: http://www.fancymice.info/ Mouse Info and Exotic Breeds: http://www.hiiret.fi/eng/species/

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2016-09-25 Mice running in circles, twitching, dying:

Hi Lynne,    Was the older mouse circling in the same direction every time, maybe tilting its head?  Circling like that is also sometimes called waltzing, and can point to problems such as an inner ear

2016-09-15 Need suggestions after surprising litter:

Hi Mike and Sari,    Have you already separated the male?  That should be the first step, as females can ovulate the same night they give birth.  Gestation takes approximately 21 days, so it's possible

2016-08-22 Sick Fancy mouse:

Hi Julie,    I'm so sorry for my late response. I'm worried it might be too late, but considering what you've told me, I'm not sure there is much you can do that you aren't already doing anyways.    It's

2016-08-18 How much should a baby mouse weigh?:

Hi Alia,    Their weight will depend on their age and condition, but they should definitely weigh more than that, especially given that we know they are at least 3 days old. Any drop in weight should be

2016-08-14 Nesting:

Hi Jess,    Yes, "redecorating" is a completely normal behavior. Doing it suddenly could mean nesting, but it could also mean stress, a change in temperature, a weird new smell, or even just boredom. You

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