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I can answer questions regarding mice as pets, mouse behavior, color and coat genetics, breeding techniques, and general health questions. I can help with caging and setup, nutrition, social issues, and what to do in most mouse emergencies (such as unplanned litters, injuries, fighting, etc.). I can also assist with questions pertaining to orphaned mouse pups, weaning litters, and questions of mating and birthing. I cannot answer questions about exotic or wild varieties of mice such as spiny or pygmy mice. *****FOR EMERGENCIES, anything requiring immediate medical intervention, PLEASE take your mouse to a professional veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator who works with mice as soon as possible! IMPORTANT RESOURCES: Raising Orphaned Mice: http://www.rmca.org/Articles/orphans.htm Orphaned Mice Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CreekValleyCritters/videos?query=raising Natasha's Your First Mouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNK4uqNZTbA&feature=share General Mouse Help: http://www.fancymice.info/ Mouse Info and Exotic Breeds: http://www.hiiret.fi/eng/species/

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2017-02-15 Mouse biting:

Hi Bozena,    There could be a lot going on causing him to bite, and it will take a little bit of patience to figure it out.    First, he is still very new.  The first week or two is always an adjustment

2017-02-10 Caught deer mouse in my attic:

Hi Kevin,    Your plan sounds good, honestly.  Survival instincts are encoded in something called epigenetics, which take several generations to breed out.  You can feed him balanced commercial mouse food

2017-01-25 Re: Mouse teeth too long:

Miriam,    That's a tough one to answer, since as you already know, most commercial mouse diets include wheat in their ingredients. Unfortunately, they are also hands down the best way to provide a diet

2017-01-24 Mouse teeth too long:

Hi Miriam,    Hard, crunchy treats may be the easiest way to go until she can file them back down.  Embedding isn't the only hazard with overgrown teeth - it's important to also watch that her jaw action

2017-01-09 Young mouse odd behavior:

This is normal exploring behaviour. Don't forget he is very scared and will be taking his explorations very cautiously. Mice do jump and popcorn too when happy or scared. Jumping is a naturally way of

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