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Rizwan Saleem

United Arab Emirates
help in military history ,war tactics and mobalizations covering world war 2 , vietnam and the 1965,1971 indo-pak wars and some Special operations.

Keith H. Patton

I can answer questions pertaining to weapons and tactics, personalities, battles, and strategies in european and U.S. history.

LTC Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

I can answer both specific and general military history questions from ancient times to the present. I also provide references and footnotes where I obtained the answers from.

Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D.

I`m a retired Swedish military physician-surgeon with a big interest in military history - mainly European and especially of the Nordic-Scandinavian area. This also includes the history of military medicine.

Paul Sutton

I can answer questions on World War Two weapons, tactics, and strategy. I can answer questions on Weapons systems and their development. I can answer guestions on Space exploration history. I am a World War 2 expert. I study Military Weapons Systems and the usage of those systems.

Paul Edward Zukowski

My interest is in the area US Military History. I have a special interest in US small arms. The Civil War, WWI and WWII are areas of special interest but I can handle questions on many areas of US military history.

Marc Leepson

I can answer most questions dealing with all aspects of U.S. military history. My expertise is the Vietnam War. I also have written extensively about the U.S. Civil War, World War II, World War I, The Philippine War, and the American Revolution. My books include a concise biography of the Marquis de Lafayette, the history of the American Flag, and the post-Jefferson history of Monticello, and therefore know a great deal about those specific subjects. I specialize in writing about matters of strategy--not tactics. And I also am interested in personalities. I have very little knowledge about ordnance or the value of old military memorabilia. Nor do I know a lot about uniforms and insignia--except about the Vietnam War. To repeat: I have no expertise in assessing the value of ordnance or uniforms or any type of military equipment. And my knowledge about military uniforms is only limited to those of the Vietnam War era. If you have questions on these topics, I recommend contacting an antiques dealer in your area who specializes in military uniforms, ordnance, etc.

Jim Saurman

I can usually handle any question on USA or European history since 1870. I am especially interested in WW2 and Spanish-American War. Also Spanish Civil War and WW1 to a lesser extent.

Richard V. Horrell

Can answer: World War Two. Specifically, the troop transport ships that took US Military Personnel overseas & returned them to the US, 1941-47. Also, unit history of US Army QM, Signal, MP, Ordnance, Medical, Transportation & Engineer units that served during WW 2. The more obscure units are my specialty. If you have the APO that a Veteran sent letters from or received letters at, I can look up the history of that APO.

Michael O'Reagan

I can Identify unit insignia, patches, pins, medals, weapons and accessories from US and other countries and eras to Revolutionary War to current.

Francesco Marchesani

On Vacation
returns 05/05/2017
I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.

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2017-04-21 my fathers company history as mp:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I ran across my fathers discharge card".  EXCELLENT!  It is always best to begin historic research with the FACTS.          In your question

2017-04-20 What Unit was my Grandfather in.:

Your grandfather's personnel records are housed at the National Archives Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. If he is alive, he can file a request on line at the URL below. If he is deceased

2017-04-18 WW2 IG staff officers breeches:

Hello Alan,    The Lampasse (trouser breeches stripes) of General Staff Officers (GSO Heer) wore a Single (1) Stripe that was Carmine in color up to the rank of Colonel.    General Officers (Heer)

2017-04-11 Technology changes that helped close in on the enemy during WWII:

Greetings  For the US Army the tactics for closing with the enemy was called Fire and maneuver.  Using machine guns to keep your enemy down or massed fire from semiautomatic weapons would keep an enemy

2017-04-10 discharge reason us army:

Do you have his DD-214, the official discharge document? It might give you a clue. Here's a website that explains it:      As for why he joined the Army, it could be one of many, many

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