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I am am best suited to answer questions regarding minor league baseball prospects.

Pamela Enders

I can answer questions related to the mental game of baseball including how to mentally prepare for tryouts, for games, and for practice. I can also address concerns about improving focus, managing distractions, managing anxiety and dealing with set-backs and mistakes.

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2016-08-30 For love of the game:

Kiko,   you are definitely not too old. i wouldn't expect to be roaming CF at Yankee Stadium in 2017 but definitely go for it!   Question #2: in combination of your age and skill level and lay of recent

2016-07-12 Baseball:

Hunter,   I couldn't and shouldn't really answer you without knowing how good you are. Do you have a shot? Sure, if you have the talent. Being the best kid on your team doesnt mean you're good enough to

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