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I can answer questions about degu care and breeding.

K L Gardner

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returns 12/31/2016
I have hands on experience in caring for Rabbits and Rodents for over 20 years, as well as pet store supervisory experience including overlooking the treatment of sick or injured animals. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs/Rodents are my speciality. I have kept everything from Dwarf breeds to Continental Giant Rabbits and various varieties of Guinea Pig and other rodents. I can give advice on husbandry, breeding, housing, diet, retail law, general buying your pet and what to look out for and health problems. I can also advise on bonding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs I do advise that if your pet has an ailment that your priority is veterinary help but i will answer questions where i can on pets undergoing treatment by a vet where a diagnoses has been issued. Ailments do need inspection by a trained vet to diagnose any health problems

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