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Chris Coscia

I am happy to answer all types of model railroading questions. My specialties are DCC, modeling tips, valuation tips, brass trains, operations, and railroadiana. My emphasis in modeling is western railroading (SP, UP, WP, PE, etc.) but I can help with all areas. I am a lifetime model railroader and a model train business owner. I am NOT an expert on Lionel, Marx, American Flyer, and older tintype trains. I know some values for these but cannot diagnose operational problems via this service. Usually these trains need to be seen in person for servicing. Old plastic HO trains have little value. These are not like Lionel and generally have little value because they are not as well made as modern HO locos.

Charles Campbell

Questions about Icken Trains ( Fred Icken). Also about electrical workings and problems with electro mechanical pinball machines. Charles

Larry Weinberg

I can answer many questions regarding N scale model railroading in general as well as questions about the NY Central System, especially questions about the N scale models of their passenger and freight cars.

Jerry Loman

Any questions on American manufacturers of wind up cast iron floor trains, track trains and their litho tin cars and accessories. This would include manufacturers of the following; American Flyer,Hafner,Ives,Lionel,Marx,Dorfan and AMRR. I can identify variants in casting methodology and have experience in determining almost all manufacturing dates within catalogued identifiers. I have extensive experience in the litho tin variants of passenger and freight cars that go with the wind up sets and also many of the early electric train sets. I do not have extensive or specific experience on variations of European wind up toy trains but can help with most general questions on european cast iron wind up trains.

John Schaub

I can answer the following questions: Almost anything about the hobby, except complex electrical questions. Anything about table construction, model kit building, layout scenery, weathering and painting, adding lighting to structures and scenery. I cannot answer questions about the value or appraisal of an item through an e-mail question. The only true method to valuation is having the item in front of me. I will not answer any questions about complex wiring for signals, DCC, or switch motor installations.

Bob Williams

My area of knowledge is with the N Scale Aurora Postage Stamp train line that was sold from 1967-1973. I can answer 99% of all questions about this line.

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Although I have only limited knowledge about motor noise, its causes and cures, I have a few ideas which may help you.    Sometimes noise that comes from a new locomotive may eventually abate, especially

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